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Certificate Program

Promoting Institutional Excellence through Creativity

Creativity expands our perceptions and along with expanded perceptions come new ways of thinking and performing.

Female Lecturer
Certificate Program

Faculty Workshops

Around the world, millions of students have now experienced remote teaching and learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many teachers found ways to engage and involve learners in active, meaningful, and authentic learning. 

Hospital Staff

Health Care

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Leadership in Times of Disruption

These workshops will allow your employees to gain better business insight, capitalize on opportunities to positively impact your everyday operations, improve process velocity, reduce risks, and proactively create approaches to leadership for success in this changing educational landscape. 

Stang-up Meeting

Staff Workshops

Need some Just in Time workshops for your Staff? Create and sustain a safe respectful life at work. Build resilience in face of adversity. Create safe spaces for survival discussions.

Custom Development


Positive thinking. Taking care of body, mind and spirit. Stress management. Mindfulness exercises. Cultivating resilience. Cognitive welllness.

Digital Mind

Design Thinking

Design Thinking adds the human element to problem-solving that sees a problem from the eyes of your end-user—the consumer, the employee, the partner. 

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f you have a need for academic staff development, including development related to teaching, research, administration and career/personal development, we can help.

Office Conference

Soft Skills

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