Design Thinking



Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Mindfulness and meditation are scientifically proven to be effective tools for reducing stress. Mindfulness is becoming known for its benefits in increased awareness, emotional intelligence, improved decision making, focus and productivity. Explore how you can practice mindfulness in the workplace.

  • Topics include:

    • Paying attention in an open, non-judgmental way to what we are doing and what is around us in the present moment.

    • Tapping into your stress reaction cycle, and how stress affects our brain and our health and how mindfulness helps.

    • Relating mindfulness to emotional intelligence, effective communication,

  • Examine some practical suggestions on incorporating mindfulness throughout the workplace


Creativity and Calmness

  • Learn exercises to help you and your team overcome the common barriers to creativity.

  • Gain practical skills to help you learn from failure, find inspiration, and get unstuck.

  • Grow your creative confidence.

  • Create mindsets to break patterns, generate new ideas, and take creative leaps.