Staff Workshops

1.  Create and Sustain a Safe Respectful Life at Work

The movement for workplaces that are founded in respect and dignity for employees is necessary in these changing times. Employers are now expected to provide a workplace that promotes working in harmony with others to provide a psychologically safe and healthy workplace. This online workshop will focus on strategies to:

  • Interact with others in ways that contribute to effective working relationships and the achievement of goals.

  • Identify one's roles and responsibilities as a world citizen professionally.

  • Identify beliefs, values and attitudes that form the basis for respectful relationships.

2.  Building Resilience in Our New Reality

Presently employees are moving mountains to cope, bounce back and adjust in the face of this unprecedented adversity. These efforts prompt the questions: How do we intentionally promote resilience in the workforce? How do we continue our complex services while taking care of our families, our work force, each other, and ourselves? This workshop will examine some of these issues and suggest coping strategies that suit your lifestyle, working conditions, and personal preferences.

  • Building resilience in the workplace

  • Balancing home, work, and self in disruptive times

  • Making tough choices

3.   Creating Safe Spaces for Survival Discussions

In this workshop attendees will be able to glean ideas on best practices for working remotely. We will explore challenges and difficult emotions including fear of the new realities in the virtual workplace. Learn how to create safe spaces for others to do the same, such as holding space for ourselves and others while working towards regulating a myriad of emotions. Information is frequently changing and may cause frustration or errors such as slips in work processes. Managing both areas of our lives to create balance is a necessary quality for working.  Experience strategies in:

  • creating psychological safe spaces in work activities,  

  • grounding techniques – how to stay grounded in times of dis-stress, and

  • creating balance for quality of life.