Leadership in Times of Disruption


Leadership in Times of Disruption

These workshops will allow your employees to gain better business insight, capitalize on opportunities to positively impact your everyday operations, improve process velocity, reduce risks, and proactively create approaches to leadership for success in this changing educational landscape. Organizations are now called upon to bring structure to the unstructured by focusing on renewed strong leadership.  In so doing they will be unleashing the power to drive calculated decision making, improved agility, and increase the ability to carry on business during a time of widespread chaos. 

At these workshops you will learn how to:


  • become a global team leader focused on the successful delivery of a cutting edge, holistic learning strategy, 

  • communicate the value of the services offered by your team, and ensure that they are properly equipped to face many uncertain situations,

  • demonstrate that you can leverage industry best practices to lead in ways that promote institutional leverage, 

  • enhance training and development background with a holistic and global perspective.



Workshops can be tailored to three time schedules: 1.5 hrs., 3 hrs. or full day delivery.

1.  Resilient Leadership

This workshop will focus on the competencies of emotional intelligence (EI) from the perspective of leadership. It will examine how leaders within the institution perceive themselves as well as others and how those perceptions are evidenced in their daily interactions.  The workshop will be interactive and provide practical strategies for employees that can be implemented in the workplace.

•    Examine your leadership role within the organization.
•    Discuss the impact of your perception and how resilient leadership can be integrated in your repertoire of skills.
•    Develop strategies for workplace practice based on emotional intelligence and resiliency.
•    Create a long-term reflective journal for renewing resilience over time

2.  Empathy in Leadership

Leaders are continuously told - be more empathetic. Empathy is the skill of understanding and recognizing others' feelings and perspectives. You cannot effectively lead someone if you do not understand them. You can only motivate and influence a person when you know a bit more about that person.   Empathy enables you to know if the people you are trying to reach are being reached.  It allows you as a leader, to therefore, predict the effect your decisions and actions.  Without empathy, you may not be able to build a team or nurture those you lead.  You might not inspire followers or elicit loyalty, two important aspects of leadership.

3.  Creativity in Leadership

Creative leadership is a style of leadership based upon the concept of working cooperatively to develop innovative ideas. Those who encourage creative leadership start by creating conditions which promote creativity.  Creativity is one of the most important qualities of a modern business leader as it fosters the abandonment of rigid structures, which is a valued trait in these trying times. Utilize the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) methodology to navigate your way into managing new workplace priorities.