About Us

Dr. Eleanor Pierre, President

Dr. Eleanor Pierre has worked as a faculty educator, curriculum developer, instructional designer, program reviewer in higher education locally and internationally. Her Ph.D. in curriculum studies from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto has explored many interesting facets of teaching and learning. She brings to the educational arena 3 decades of experience, a good sense for analyzing and tailoring educational needs to specific contexts.  She has a passion for learner engagement, and the satisfaction of observing her students and mentees grow in many ways. Eleanor saw a need for a more sophisticated model for addressing online learning accessibility which takes into account the usability of technology, pedagogic issues and student learning preferences and with her colleagues created a model for use.

The theoretical framework for a holistic approach stems from elements of humanism and constructivist theory. Humanism is characterised by the concern for the growth and full development of the whole person where what is learned reflects the values and goals of the learner. Humanist educators provide a positive classroom climate and are seen as ‘facilitators’ who are sensitive, empathic, accepting and genuine.  Constructivist learning, is an active, constructive process that incorporates learner participation in their learning. A bridge is built between what students already know and what they are expected to learn.

At EJP Communications, we are now offering experiential online workshops using a holistic approach, full of creative ideas for connecting learning in a variety of meaningful ways. From academic workshops, games, to storytelling, virtual nature hikes to wellness exercises, and soft skills, we'll share our favourite activities, tools and easy to use tips and techniques that can be implemented in your online classroom right away. We are striving to work within this framework and will continue to build workshops around each of the identified areas.

A “whole person” approach to Professional Development 

More elaborate workshops are described in detail under our offerings page.  Our preference is to work with you to customize any workshop you require to meet your educational needs. Consequently, a consultation is required prior to booking any professional development.


Watch out for our virtual retreats, facilitation of family get-togethers, wellness institutes, and virtual storytelling monthly sessions.


Have an idea for a professional development workshop for your team? Reach out to us! We'd be happy to customize a workshop just for you.

Our Team

Leslie Kenwell

Leslie Kenwell has been an educator and administrator in advanced/post-secondary education for over a decade and brings experiences as a provincially registered health professional, an instructor for private career colleges, and a professor for the community college sector. Her own post-secondary achievements include a diploma in Business Administration, three diplomas in the dental field, an under-graduate degree in Adult Education and a graduate degree in Educational Administration and Leadership.

Most recently, Leslie has continued her love of learning as a Wilfrid Laurier University student, by completing her certificate in Positive Education. She is eager to share the growing body of knowledge that shows student success is greatly impacted by the application of positive psychology principles, such as growth mindset, self-compassion, resilience, mindfulness, and the like.

Leslie has helped many students, practitioners and fellow educators develop confidence with evidence based decision making; ethics and communication skills; student engagement both online and face-to-face; and curriculum design, development and evaluation.

Michael J. Breen

Adults must know why they are learning.

Adults approach learning as problem-solving,

Adults need to learn experientially,

Adults learn best when the topic is of immediate value.

This model by Malcolm Knowles is core to Michael’s approach and he builds these principles into all adult learning situations.


Michael sees his responsibility as not only to provide content but also to act as a catalyst; stimulating and challenging individuals to think in a reflective manner, thereby helping them make their best decision, every time, whatever the situation.


Knowledge and Experience


In the initial part of his career, he worked throughout corporate North America financing a wide variety of industries. Additionally, he worked with all levels of government. More recently he has been on faculty at post-secondary institutions and has a standalone coaching and training practice. He has proven himself to be comfortable and highly effective at all levels of the organizational chart and in many different roles.


Background / Achievements


In finance, Michael was frequently placed at the center of business transactions, whether it was infrastructure projects, mergers/acquisitions, corporate expansions, refinancing, credit workouts or strategic repositioning. He developed an ability to identify opportunities and craft innovative solutions. Implementing and executing those solutions further expanded Michael’s skill set which today, uniquely equips him to deliver from a position of true experience.


Michael has lived and worked in Toronto, New York, Montreal and San Francisco. His employers in industry have included Royal Bank, General Electric, Toronto Dominion, CIBC, Westpac and Credit Suisse. In education he has developed and delivered curriculum at University of Toronto, Sheridan and Conestoga Colleges, both online and in class.


Michael’s formal education includes a Bachelors degree in Management Sciences from the University of Manchester, in Manchester, England, a Masters of Business Administration from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, California and a Bachelor’s degree in Adult Education from Brock University in St. Catherine’s, Ontario. He is a certified business coach with WABC and has numerous additional training and development certifications.


Michael has an active Executive Coaching practice and develops / delivers unique online teaching and training.

Chung Lee

Chung Lee has extensive working experience in software design and development, product management and marketing. He has also taught computer and data communications courses at community college.


As software developer/team leader/consultant, he has delivered web and business applications for diversified industries, including telecommunications, food processing, wholesale/retail, and manufacturing. As product manager, he has formulated new product plans and evolution strategies for a broad range of network hardware and software products.


Chung earned his MBA from Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto), MSc. (Electrical Engineering) from Northeastern University, BSc. (Electrical Engineering) from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Adult Education Certificate .from Sheridan College. with Sheridan Scholar honour.

Chung is interested in the use of new technologies to advance learning and to enhance life experience.

Dahlia Jaglal

Dahlia’s post-secondary achievements include an Honors Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto (2015-2019) where she majored in Psychology/Neuroscience and minored in Immunology and Physiology.


The focus on Psychology/Neuroscience allowed her to develop a greater understanding and strong interest regarding how mental disorders impact the function of the brain including brain pathways and structures. A Post-Graduate Diploma in Autism and Behavioral Science from George Brown College (2019-2020) was the steppingstones for pursuing a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University (2021-2024) in Lynchburg, Virginia.   This allows Dahlia to design teaching and learning using the conceptual frameworks of many humanistic lens that satisfies Universal Design, AODA and inclusivity.


Other skills that compliment her educational background include data and information analysis, quantitative and qualitative research, customer service, verbal and non-verbal communication, organizational skills, computer skills in a variety of software and programs, leadership, teamwork, active listening, empathy, and critical thinking. Dahlia is interested in the psychological, as well as the emotional social aspects of teaching and learning.